Degel Software is the corporate projection of David Goldfarb and represents my views of software excellence. I have never let Degel grow beyond a dozen employees, in order to ensure that Degel only offers work that meets my quality standard. Degel offers software development and prototyping that goes far beyond what can be delivered by most manpower house or in-house employees.

Zero-to-Sixty Acceleration

Your in-house development team is focused on existing products. You have a great next-gen idea, but can't afford to distract your team.
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Managed Outsourcing

Your deadlines are looming and you need help. But, your budget is tight and you can't grow your team. You are intrigued by the option of offshore developers, but you've heard too many horror stories.
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Patent Guidance

Your technology is novel and you think you can patent it. Dealing with patent attorneys takes time and legal expertise that you lack.
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Technology Strategy

You have an idea to change the world, but don't know how to get started. Microsoft? Open Source tools? Cloud-based? Secure deployments? HTML5? Native apps? Mobile-first or desktop? There are just too many critical technical issues that you need to know.
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Product Assessment

You've dreamed up a killer product, but don't know how hard it will be to implement.
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This is your first startup. You feel great about it, but every now and then you wake up in a cold sweat. You just want someone who's done it before, who can answer your questions.
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At first glance, Degel looks like a manpower house. You give us a project. We do it.

Look more closely, and we look like employees. We work closely with your development teams and senior management. The work we deliver is aligned with your needs and directions.

Actually, Degel is something unique: a boutique shop specializing in software prototyping and coaching.

Our work for you includes transparent schedules, complete issue tracking, responsible feedback, and high-quality software deliverables.

But, it goes beyond that. We try to understand the full project; sometimes even before our clients know exactly what is needed. If you ask us to do something that seems wrong, we'll alert you to verify that we (and you) really want that direction. Our goal is always the success of your project.